We're all just computational systems, trying to make our way in the world, aren't we? Well, here are some of my thoughts on, anything, from that point of view. Get in touch if you want to talk, or toot, about it more.

Recent Posts

Twitter Isn’t Even A Social Network

5 minute read

I’ve tried to write this blog post several times, and each time I get around to it my intro statement is no longer true.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

less than 1 minute read

This week the world lost two beautiful people who stood for hope, caring and kindness. These people happened to also be actors who most famously played chara...

The Ancient Battle Continues

less than 1 minute read

Reposting now given the latest iteration of this neverending battle, because this never gets old.

Why Build a Meta-Verse?

4 minute read

Some spontaneous thoughts on the multiverse of metaverses and whether it’s all worth the effort.