We're all just computational systems, trying to make our way in the world, aren't we?
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Hedging and Hawing about AI and Jobs

3 minute read

This is in reply to reading this article from the BBC, “AI to hit 40% of jobs and worsen inequality, IMF says” (January 15, 2024, Annabelle Liang, BBC)

That Which Dreams are Made Of

4 minute read

In William Shakespeare’s Tempest, the old wizard Prospero at one point famously opines…

Movie Liveblog - The Creator

14 minute read

It’s almost a new year and while I don’t always make New Year’s resolutions (and I definitely don’t always keep them for long) I feel this blog is in need of...

The More Things Change…

2 minute read

Today I held 80 million year old dinosaur bones in my hands and used pics and brushes and glue to piece them back together into a rib. The tools I was using ...

It’s Made of People!

2 minute read

An idea that I have been converging on in discussions recently spawned by Chat-GPT is that, for the purposes of risk assessment and impact, we should to thin...