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“ New hybrid manufacturing incorporating AI, IoT sensors, and 4D printing is reshaping industries, representing the ’A Triple C’, and yielding exponential innovation unprecedented in world history.” — AI XPRIZE

My Take

I don’t have a lot of experience in this area…yet, but the potential impact for AI research here is immense. The trick is to direct advances already being made to be actually used for improving the sustainability of industries and societies rather than just increasing efficiency for the sake of economics.

In Canada, the federal government recently awarded a “super cluster” award to an industry-academic partnership called SCALE.AI with a goal of accelerating the uptake of AI technologies into supply chain management. The University of Waterloo has a big part in this project so I hope to see how we can bring sustainable goals into the optimization, machine learning and automated decision making which will undoubtedly be applied to these challenging industrial problems.

Each day up until the AI for Good Summit in Geneva on May 15 I’m writing up a thought on how Artificial Intelligence could impact on each UN Sustainable Development Goal. (Go to the first post.)

Mark Crowley has no official affiliation with IBM, XPrize, ITU or the UN. The views and opinions expressed here are entirely his own.