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The impact atmospheric engineering could be catastrophic or life saving. But the climate emergency is existential for humanity and all life on Earth. We can’t know what is possible without scientific experiment.

“Balloon test flight plan under fire over solar geoengineering fears” – Guardian

I don’t know about this study which is being debated in Sweden, but…the only way this kind of tech should be used is in a cautious, globally planned way, using methods that last only for a few years at a time. This would be in combination with aggressive reduction of CO2 emissions (more aggressive than we currently are).

For me, the logic of knowing how this will work and getting in front to understand and regulate it is about saving as much Life and Diversity as possible given what we know about human nature. #humanssuck

  1. We are failing at reducing CO2 fast enough, and we’ll likely continue to fail.
    • Every day we lose more species that will never come back. Every day irreversible transition points are being passed which will move our planet to a new equilibrium.
    • No amount of CO2 reduction will re-freeze the methane vents. So we need to stop ourselves from passing those transitions.
  2. Geo engineering is too easy…someday, some nation or some rich individual is going to just do it on their own out of impateince, ego, or any reason.
    • If we don’t understand the impact and don’t have rules in place it will be chaos.