We're all just computational systems, trying to make our way in the world, aren't we? Well, here are some of my thoughts on, anything, from that point of view. Get in touch if you want to talk, or toot, about it more.

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Machine Morality

1 minute read

This post started as a response to a provocative question by +David Brin on Google+:

Talking Robots and Psychedelic Drugs

less than 1 minute read

Baby robot learns first words from human teacher — tech — 15 June 2012 — New Scientist I’m always glad to see more methods from research in Artificial Intel...

Building the Enterprise? Seriously? Why not?

3 minute read

I ignored this the first time I saw it and then I was going to make snarky comment that we should just send a bunch of ships to mars instead of building the ...